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Veronika Pizano

I always want to be part of something big, I like to meet new people and I like to learn new things. These three characteristics have led to everything good I have in my life and what I have achieved. And they also directed to the fact that this year I became part of TEDxBratislava team. I come from Martin, I graduated from the Faculty of Mass Media Communication in Trnava and now I live in Bratislava. I am Marketing Manager in Piano Media, before I worked as a Managing Director at IAB Slovakia. I am also an internal graduate student at my alma mater, where I lead seminars of Theory of Marketing Communication. Teaching keeps me on the ground, because my students constantly remind me my student times. It is great to have feedback and see that I was able to move them little bit forward.

I have a completely normal hobbies – literature, movies, TV shows, trips to nature, traveling around the usual and unusual countries, meetings with friends on the weekends and occasionally some sport – swimming, roller skating, squash, and most recently snowboarding. While traveling I occasionally find some cache.

I am opponent of smoking, alcohol and negative news. I am a big optimist and I believe that there is in the world much more good than evil, but the good is less visible. Therefore, I try to highlight the good and of course do the good things. TEDxBratislava is one of those good things that I am now involved in and I want as many people as possible know about it.